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Home + auto multi-policy

Save up to 15.7% on auto insurance and up to 20% on home insurance when you combine those policies.

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Home insurance protective device discount

Save up to 9% with 1 or more approved and properly maintained devices such as burglar or fire alarms.

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Age of home discount

Save up to 37% on your home insurance depending on the year your home was built.

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View all insurance discounts

AAA insurance can help you protect all your most important belongings. Find all the AAA insurance discounts you could qualify for.

Home insurance articles

Aerial view of a home in dirty floodwater
Will your home insurance policy cover you after a natural disaster?

Find out what kind of disaster-related coverage you have before trouble strikes; it can vary depending on your location and home. Here's what you need to know.

Interior of the living space, kitchen, and balcony of an apartment
6 reasons to get renters insurance

What does renters insurance cover? Who needs it? And how much does it cost? We address these questions, plus more reasons to consider renters insurance.

Home insurance frequently asked questions

Close-up of paperwork insurance policy terms and conditions
Glossary of insurance terms & definitions

Review key definitions and terms you might come across while considering an insurance policy.

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Homeowners insurance claims

Get information on the claims process, check your claim, view your policy, and learn what to do in an incident.

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Guide to AAA homeowners insurance

What types of homeowners insurance coverages are available?

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How much homeowners insurance do I need?

A home may be your largest investment—make sure you adequately protect it.

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Condo insurance

What should I know about condo insurance?

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Renters insurance

What should I know about renters insurance?