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Shifting Gears: the blunt truth about marijuana & driving

Shifting Gears
How does marijuana impact driving skills & what parts of the brain and body are impaired?

What alternate methods of transportation do drivers have? These questions and more will be answered in Shifting Gears: the blunt truth about marijuana and driving e-learning module.

This e-learning interactive module:

This important and timely traffic safety information is applicable to drivers of all ages, and valuable for parents and educators alike.

  • Provides evidence-based information about the dangers of marijuana-impaired driving
  • Explains the physical and cognitive processes that are affected by marijuana
  • Discusses alternate methods of transportation
  • Demonstrates a driver’s susceptibility to this impairment and potentially severe consequences that can occur related to driving


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Effects of marijuana on driving quiz:

Download, print and take this 10 question quiz on the effects of marijuana while driving.


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