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How AAA’s Active&Fit Direct benefit can help you save on a gym membership

Did you know that your AAA membership can save you money on a membership to your local gym—and simplify the process of joining and changing gyms, too?

Among AAA's many health and wellness discounts is the Active&Fit Direct program, which can serve as a unified gym membership for many of the gyms in your area. Joining the Active&Fit Direct program allows you to manage gym memberships from 1 online platform, and makes it easy to move to or try a new gym. Here's how.

What is Active&Fit Direct?

The Active&Fit Direct program is a network that lets you choose from more than 12,700 participating gyms across the U.S. These include large, nationwide gym brands like 24 Hour Fitness, the YMCA, and Gold's Gym, as well as many smaller local gyms. It's only available through AAA, your employer, or your health plan, for $28 a month (plus a $28 enrollment fee) with no long-term contracts.

The Active&Fit Direct network also includes savings on more than 8,700 premium memberships at workout studios, facilities, and classes, with discounts ranging from 20% to 70%. In addition, members can use more than 12,000 free on-demand workout videos and take advantage of well-being coaching for fitness, nutrition, stress, and sleep.

Enroll in Active&Fit Direct™

In addition to all the benefits outlined above, AAA members can earn 10% of their Active&Fit Direct membership fees back after 12 months in the program.

Enroll in Active&Fit Direct

How do I use Active&Fit Direct to visit a gym?

AAA members can register for Active&Fit Direct online. After setting a username, password, and security question, you'll be taken to your Dashboard, which is where you'll access most features of the program.

Active&Fit Direct map of nearby gyms to enroll in-

Join a new gym

Go to My Memberships on the Dashboard and click "Add More Memberships." Find and select a participating Standard Membership gym in your area, pay your initial fees, and you're done!

Not sure which gym you want to join? Most fitness centers offer a free guest pass through the Active&Fit Direct program. Use the fitness center search, pick a location, and click "Get a Guest Pass."

Use your gym membership

Once you're enrolled at a gym, you'll see a membership Fitness Card under My Memberships in the Active&Fit Direct Dashboard. You can either download the Fitness Card to your phone or print a physical copy. 

The first time you visit the gym you've joined, show the Fitness Card and a photo ID to the front desk staff. They'll verify your participation in Active&Fit Direct and may ask you to complete a no-cost membership agreement. They'll also provide you with a membership card or key tag you can use to check in for future gym visits.

Switch gyms at any time

Switching gyms is easy since Active&Fit Direct has no long-term contracts. Simply go to Manage Memberships under My Account and select Switch for the gym you'd like to swap out. Then pick the new gym that's replacing it.

If you choose to begin your new gym membership on the first of the next month, there's no cost to switch, and your membership with your current gym remains valid until the end of the current month. If you want to start at your new gym sooner, you can choose to pay the monthly fee for the new gym and get instant access, and you'll still have access to your old gym through the end of the current month. 

Add additional gym memberships

If you want to have more than one active gym membership at the same time, Active&Fit Direct can also help with that. Additional gym memberships after your first one get a $5 discount off the monthly fee, letting you join multiple gyms and manage your memberships in one place.

Access premium gyms & fitness centers

Active&Fit Direct members can also choose from premium gyms and studios, including many that offer dance, boxing, Pilates, yoga, and more. These premium options are available for an extra charge that varies by location, and are managed through your Active&Fit Direct account just like standard gyms. And like standard gyms, there are no long-term contracts or commitment required.

What are Active&Fit Direct's other features?

Joining Active&Fit Direct can save you money on other things, too.

On-demand workouts

Work out whenever and however you like with more than 12,000 free on-demand workout videos available on the Active&Fit Direct website. Videos range from individual exercise spotlights to help you perfect your form, to full-length workouts for yoga, meditation, cardio, high-intensity interval training, and more.

Resource library

Read articles and watch videos on healthy living topics such as nutrition, sleep management, and how to build your own personalized workout routine.

Well-being coaching

Members can schedule a kickoff meeting with a well-being coach. This one-on-one lifestyle coaching can help members hit their goals in areas like fitness, nutrition, stress, and sleep.

Fitness tracking

Active&Fit Direct Connected! offers a unified platform to track your workouts across many popular fitness devices, apps, and exercise equipment. See data from Strava, Fitbit, MapMyFitness, and more in 1 place.

Enroll in Active&Fit Direct

In addition to all the benefits outlined above, AAA members can earn 10% of their Active&Fit Direct membership fees back after 12 months in the program.

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