21 new theme park attractions opening in 2024

Snoopy’s Soapbox Racers. Image courtesy of Kings Island.

New rides and attractions are debuting across the country in 2024.

From a roller coaster that stops in a real penguin habitat to a water ride that has innovative free-spinning seats, we look at some of the most exciting new experiences coming to U.S. theme parks, aquariums, and zoos this year—and how you can enjoy them for less with discounts from AAA Tickets.

Image courtesy of Disney 

1. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

Opens late 2024 at Disneyland Resort and summer 2024 at Walt Disney World Resort

Based on the 2009 Disney animated classic The Princess and the Frog, this reimagining of Splash Mountain will transport riders back to New Orleans in the Roaring Twenties. While visitors to the bayou may be familiar with the log flume ride and the iconic final water drop, this all-new adventure will feature new music that pays homage to the heart and soul of the Big Easy, as well as characters from the movie like Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, and the alligator Louis.

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Image courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

2. Studio Tour 60th Anniversary

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal City, California

Event dates: April 26-August 11

Join the 60th anniversary celebration of the world-famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood. An all-new experience lets you step off the classic tram and onto the studio backlot for a limited time. Explore an iconic film set, take part in immersive photo opportunities, experience tour enhancements, and enjoy themed food with collectible merchandise.

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Image courtesy of San Diego Zoo

3. Hippo habitat

San Diego Zoo
San Diego, California


After a months-long renovation, the residents of the San Diego Zoo's hippo habitat have moved back into their enhanced digs. In addition to new storytelling elements, a behind-the-scenes viewing platform, and interactive experiences, visitors will now be able to observe Funani and her calf, Amahle, up close while they're underwater and on land.

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Image courtesy of Knott's Berry Farm

4. Camp Snoopy

Knott's Berry Farm
Buena Park, California

Opens summer 2024

This summer, kids and adults alike will be able to become "Beagle Scouts" at the reimagined Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm. The six-acre, California High Sierras-inspired camp will feature new rides, entertainment, and experiences, including Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister Coaster, an all-ages roller coaster; Sally’s Swing Along, an over-sized swing big enough for the entire family; and Camp Snoopy Theater, an outdoor venue with log benches and firepit which will be lit at night to give visitors the full summer camp experience. 

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Image courtesy of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

5. Phoenix Rising

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Tampa, Florida

Opens spring 2024

Family-friendly thrills and excitement will be reborn aboard Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s Phoenix Rising. The newest roller coaster in the Pantopia area of the park will swing riders and ride cars side to side while soaring above the Serengeti Plain at up to 44 mph on a 1,831-foot journey. Phoenix Rising will be the park’s first coaster to feature a heart-pumping onboard soundtrack that will be incorporated into the ride’s twists and turns.

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Image courtesy of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

6. Loch Ness Monster: The Legend Lives On

Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Williamsburg, Virginia

Opens May 2024

Debuting in 1978, the Loch Ness Monster was the world’s first interlocking coaster featuring 2 loops that cross like chain links. Fully restored for 2024 with an enhanced story and innovative elements, guests can now catch a glimpse of Nessie lurking under the water while plummeting over 100 feet before racing at speeds of up to 60 mph toward the first of 2 interlocking vertical loops. Those disappointed by the brief encounter with the mystic monster won’t have to wait long before coming face-to-face with the denizen of Loch Ness.

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Image courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

7. Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience

SeaWorld San Diego
San Diego, California

Opens 2024

The Jellyfish Experience, the first of its kind at SeaWorld parks, will feature 3 galleries with immersive exhibits and educational components that will teach guests about what makes a jellyfish unique, their behaviors, how they’ve adapted to some of the most extreme environments, and more. Guests can enjoy up-close viewing areas and interactive elements to see different species including moon jellyfish, Pacific sea nettles, upside-down jellyfish, and comb jellies. The aquarium will feature an 18-foot cylinder, a walk-through living arch, and a viewing wall.

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Image courtesy of SeaWorld San Antonio

8. Catapult Falls

SeaWorld San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas


The world’s first launched flume coaster is now open at SeaWorld San Antonio, just in time for families to beat the Texas heat. The water coaster catapults riders at speeds of 30 feet per second before loading them into a vertical elevator lift and plunging them back down at a 53-degree angle, the steepest flume drop in the world.

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Image courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando

9. Penguin Trek

SeaWorld Orlando
Orlando, Florida

Opens spring 2024

Visitors will soon be able to explore the Antarctic tundra this spring at the all-new Antarctica realm, featuring an array of food and drink options, a retail store, penguin habitat, and the brand new coaster, Penguin Trek. This family-friendly ride will launch adventurers up to 43 mph through twists and turns across a 3,020-foot track on snowmobile-style cars. Riders will join a penguin research expedition that will take them on a journey indoors and outside before stopping in SeaWorld Orlando’s own penguin habitat.

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Image courtesy of Aquatica Orlando

10. Tassie's Underwater Twist

Aquatica Orlando
Orlando, Florida


Aquatica Orlando guests can explore the depths of Australia’s Shark Bay on the park’s newest digitally immersive waterslide. Riders on 2-person raft glide through an enclosed tube where they can see an underwater world filled with fish, manta rays, and even a shark projected above them—all accompanied by a transportive orchestral score. Before the ride concludes in a splash pool, riders circle a large basin surrounded by lush seagrass meadows.

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Image courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure

11. The Flash: Vertical Velocity

Six Flags Great Adventure 
Jackson Township, New Jersey

Opens 2024

Inspired by DC superhero the Flash, this roller coaster will be the first North American super boomerang coaster. Thrill seekers will “run” upside down, almost 100 feet off the ground, and race through a 180-degree twisted drop and zero-G roll, reaching speeds of up to 59 mph. Then, just like the fastest superhero in the world, you change directions in a flash and rush backward along the track.

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Image courtesy of Six Flags Great Escape

12. The Bobcat

Six Flags Great Escape
Queensbury, New York

Opens 2024

The Bobcat will replace the Alpine Bobsled in 2024, in time for the park’s 70th anniversary celebration. This new family-friendly wooden roller coaster will take riders up 55 feet in the air before sending them along twists and turns at nearly 40 mph, and with the coaster’s modern train cars, guests will experience tighter turns and a smoother ride.

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Image courtesy of Six Flags Over Georgia

13. Georgia Surfer

Six Flags Over Georgia
Austell, Georgia

Opens summer 2024

Adrenaline seekers will soon be able to strap into Georgia Surfer, a unique roller coaster and water ride. Riders will speed forward and backward along nearly 590 feet of track; reach a 144-foot peak; and during warm months, experience a water vortex tunnel, vertical wave wall, and low-cutting splash zone. With innovative free-spinning seats, guests will have a different experience every ride with unique spins and stomach-dropping weightlessness while reaching speeds of up to 60 mph.

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Image courtesy of Dollywood

14. The Dolly Parton Experience

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Opens May 2024

Dolly Parton fans can now journey with the living legend from her birthplace of Locust Ridge to stages worldwide in the multi-faceted Dolly Parton Experience. Housed in multiple buildings, and 3 times the size of the former Chasing Rainbows Museum, the Dollywood attraction will feature 3 exhibits: Songteller, exploring Dolly’s life and career, including the inspiration for her biggest hits; Precious Memories, which will look at her relationship with her family; and Behind the Seams, which will feature a collection of her iconic style through the years.

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Image courtesy of Merlin Entertainment

15. Dino Valley

Legoland California Resort
Carlsbad, California


Brand new to Legoland California is Dino Valley—with 3 rides and an interactive zone where kids can conduct their own excavation for fossils. The new rides in this prehistoric land include Duplo Little Dino Trail, a tour through the Lego Duplo Dino safari where kids can use cameras to “capture” the dinosaurs; Explorer River Quest, an expedition through the jungles of Dino Valley to find the elusive T. rex; and Coastersaurus, a roller coaster that gives you a bird’s eye view of Dino Valley and races around a 1,100-pound Brachiosaurus and 10-foot-tall Parasaurolophus.

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Image courtesy of Merlin Entertainment

16. Lego Ferrari Build & Race

Legoland Florida Resort
Winter Haven, Florida


Brand new to Legoland Florida in 2024 is Lego Ferrari Build & Race. Formula 1 aficionados can tour the Lego Ferrari garage, take a tour through racing history, and see the life-size Lego Ferrari 296 GTS. Then, visitors can try their hand at building their own Lego Ferrari, test their car on 1 of 3 tracks, and then put their creations to the test in a virtual race. Younger race drivers can design their own Ferrari using bigger bricks in the Lego Duplo build zone.

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Image courtesy of Dorney Park

17. Iron Menace

Dorney Park
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Opens 2024

The Iron Menace hauls riders through a defunct steel mill at speeds of up to 64 mph. Once reaching the ride’s top height of 160 feet, visitors will experience an initial 95-degree angle drop that Dorney Park describes as “beyond vertical.” The train then launches through 4 different spins and inversions that will have riders wondering which way is up. 

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Image courtesy of the Aquarium of the Pacific

18. Frogs: Facing a Changing World

Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach, California

Opens May 2024

Visitors to the Aquarium of the Pacific can soon learn about unique frogs from all over the world and explore their habitats. Starting in May, witness first-hand as the aquarium staff cares for frogs, see a new exhibit on California and Baja frogs, and take part in an interactive activity by painting your own virtual frog. Learn about the threats frogs are facing and what the aquarium is doing to prevent their extinction.

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Image courtesy of Kings Island

19. Snoopy’s Soapbox Racers

Kings Island
Mason, Ohio

Opens late spring 2024

Kids and parents will experience the fun of racing in a soap box derby on a whole new level at Kings Island. After boarding a Peanuts-decorated soap box coaster car, racers will climb a 70-foot hill to the starting line. Once Snoopy waves the checkered flag, riders will be launched through twists and turns on a 672-foot track at up to 36 mph, passing the camp lookout station, before speeding toward the finish line. But the photo finish will have to wait as the entire train will roll backward and run through the course again in reverse.

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Image courtesy of Cedar Point

20. Top Thrill 2

Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio

Opens 2024

Ever wondered what it’d be like to be a race car driver? Cedar Point’s Top Thrill 2 gives riders a peek into the rush of adrenaline and excitement that comes with high-performance racing. The coaster will be the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch strata coaster, sending racers to the top of the speedway 420 feet in the air before launching them down at up to 120 mph and through a 270-degree spiral.

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Image courtesy of Story Land

21. Moo Lagoon

Story Land
Glen, New Hampshire

Opens May 2024

Story Land's 70th birthday celebration includes the opening of Moo Lagoon, an all-new water playground for the entire family. With water slides, silly sprayers, and farm-themed water soakers and features, kids of all ages can enjoy endless ways to splash and play.

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